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Shock Springs

Shock Absorber Springs


Shock absorber springs are one of the most crucial components of a shock absorber. All of our shock absorber springs are manufactured from the highest grade chrome silicone wire and each spring is cold coiled, heat treated, pre-set and then ground to length before being phosphate coated to protect against corrosion and powder coated. 

We supply aftermarket shock springs from K-Tech and Eibach. From the factory, many motorcycles are supplied with springs that are either under or oversprung. Changing the spring to match the rider weight is a cost effective method of improving the handling of a motorcycle, ensuring the shock absorber is operating in its optimum area of stroke. 

If you are replacing your shock absorber spring, you may wish to change your fork springs too.

If you’d rather have us change your shock absorber spring for you, we do offer a shock absorber rebuild service.