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Motorcycle Fork Refurbishment, Rebuild & Seal Repair Service


We provide a motorcycle fork refurbishment service to improve, upgrade and restore your forks. The recommended service and inspection frequency for motorbike forks being used for competition is 20 hours. This is of course unrealistic for a road going machine in the real world but Brook Suspension recommends a basic service at least every two years. This preventative maintenance approach will save money in the longer term on fork bushes, dust seals and fork stanchions as wear significantly increases once the fork oil becomes contaminated and effectively works as a lapping paste and of course its effectiveness is reduced affecting the setting and leaving the forks feeling harsh.

Whether its a basic motorcycle fork repair, a full motorcycle fork restoration, or a routine service, then you are definitely in good hands with us, the motorcycle suspension specialists. As part of our motorcycle fork service we include a comprehensive disassembly and inspection, polishing of the bearing surfaces, checking for straightness and reassembly with high quality Motul fork oil. 

Our full range of motorcycle fork refurbishment and fork seal repair services include: fork rechroming, fork anodising, power coating, fork straightening, titanium nitride coating and DLC coating.