Fork Oil - Free UK Delivery

Fork Oil - Free UK Delivery

Fork oil or suspension oil as it is also known is the liquid contained within all upside-down and conventional motorcycle forks. The fluid is designed to withstand high rates of pressure while flowing through tiny orifices within the fork valves. A high quality suspension fluid is designed to maintain outstanding suspension performance between routine services.

Motorcycle fork oilcontains, low friction, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives designed to protect fork internal parts from premature wear while minimising friction which ultimately makes for better feel and feedback from the suspension.

We sell a range of Motul fully synthetic and semi synthetic oil which is specially formulated for Öhlins, Showa, Kayaba, Marzocchi andWP which is designed to be used in both road and off-road machines.

The quality of aftermarket suspension fluidis significantly higher than OEM quality due to the strict cost restrictions of suspension producers. As such, when all things are equal their are huge gains to be had in quality of damping, friction reduction and temperature control by changing your suspension fluid, even from new.

Please refer to the motorcycle manufacturers guidelines on oil level and viscosity.

If you are servicing your own forks, please check our full range of fork seals and fork bushes.We also stock a wide range of uprated K-Techand Eibach Fork Springs.

If you'd rather have us rebuild you forks for you, we do offer a fork refurbishment service.

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