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Fork Stanchion & Fork Tubes - Free UK Delivery

Fork Stanchion & Fork Tubes - Free UK Delivery

Fork stanchion, fork tubes and fork sliders as they are also known are chrome plated, thin wall steel tubes and are one of the most vital components in a motorcycle fork. If the stanchions are damaged in any way (usually due to pitting or scoring), it is likely that they will damage the seals and or bushes and cause the forks to ultimately leak.

As a fork tube has to cope with the everyday stresses of riding, they can flex and bend slightly, causing additional wear on components and affecting the handling of a motorcycle.

We supply aftermarket fork sliders from Paolo Tarozzi and TNK, the largest aftermarket fork sliders manufacturer in the world. Produced in Italy, they are hard chrome plated for exceptional corrosion resistance. OEM tubes tend to be ‘flash chrome’ plated which is more of a decorative finish and does not tend to stand the test of time.

If you are replacing your fork tubes, you will need new fork oil seals and may need fork dust seals and fork bushes. We also stock a wide range of uprated K-Tech and Eibach fork springs.

Don’t worry if replacement fork tubes are not available for your particular bike, we offer a fork rechroming service for your original stanchions and can even offer a fork straightening service is they are bent. If you’d rather have us change your fork stanchions for you, we do offer a fork refurbishment service.

If your forks are bent beyond repair, we can even custom make them to exactly match your originals. Please contact us for more information.