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Fork Rechroming - Forks Rechromed

Motorcycle Fork Rechroming for Pitted Forks

We provide motorcycle fork rechroming services to restore your rusty, scored or pitted forks back to better than new! All forks are checked for straightness prior to being rechromed. The forks will be ground back to remove all damage and then rechromed with a thicker chrome than stock, back to factory size and finish, which means better resistance to future damage from stone chips.

We can rechrome most types of fork stanchions and fork tubes and we of the best prices in the UK for having your forks rechromed, with chroming prices starting from £164.99 per pair.

As a K-Tech Premier Dealer, Nitron Technical Centre and YSS Authorised Dealer you can be sure your suspension is in good hands with us, the motorcycle suspension specialists.