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Pitted Forks & Fork Stanchion Repair - Free UK Delivery


Our pitted forks and fork stanchion repair services are specifically designed to restore your rusty, scored or scratched fork stanchions back to better than new! All forks are checked for straightness prior to the fork stanchion repair. The fork rechroming process incorporates grinding the old chrome off back to the bare material if necessary to remove all the damaged chrome. The fork stanchion is then rechromed with a much harder, higher quality chrome than stock, back to factory size and finish, which means better resistance to future damage from stone chips.

The fork tube repair service we offer is the best in the UK with chroming prices starting from £164.99 per pair.

As a motorcycle suspension specialist, Brook Suspension is the #1 pitted forks repair company and as well as offering fork refurbishment if you would rather have us do the complete job for you.