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Motorcycle Shock Absorber Repair & Rebuilds - Free UK Delivery


We provide a shock absorber repair service to improve, upgrade and restore your shock. The recommended service and inspection frequency for motorbike shocks being used for racing or use on a high performance machine is 20 hours. This is unrealistic perhaps for a road going machine in the real so Brook Suspension recommends a basic service at least every two years. A preventative maintenance approach will save money in the longer term on shock absorber internals as wear significantly increases once the suspension oil becomes contaminated and effectively works as a lapping paste. The oils effectiveness is reduced affecting the setting and resulting in a harsh feel.

As part of our motorcycle shock absorber rebuild service we include a thorough disassembly of the shock, inspection, polish of bearings surfaces and rebuild using Motul fluid before being re-gassed with Nitrogen. 

Our full range of motorcycle shock absorber repair services include powder coating, zinc plating, anodising and vapour blasting.