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Motorcycle Shock Absorbers - Free UK Delivery

Motorcycle Shock Absorbers - Free UK Delivery


Motorcycle shocks absorbers are designed to maintain ride quality and manage stability while still providing a high level of performance. The 'setting' is one of the characteristics that makes every manufacturer's motorbike shock absorber perform differently. The process of oil flowing through small orrifices or a valve regulates the damping rate and determines the 'feel' of the motorcycle shock. The motorbike is supported mechanically by a shock absorber spring and most bike shocks are also nitrogen charged to reduce vacuum on both the rebound and compression strokes. 

As a YSS service centre, a K Tech Premier Dealer, Matris Dealers and a Nitron Technical Centre. We are the leading independent bike shock specialists so you can be sure to receive the highest level of technical support and after sales service. We pride ourselves on the range off YSS shock absorbers, K Tech Shock absorbers and Nitron shock absorbers we sell. 

The majority of OEM motorcycle shocks are bult to a much lower budget and standard of quality when compared to an aftermarket unit. Whether you're a road or track rider, a high quality aftermarket bike damper should be at the top of your wish list when it comes to modifying your machine. 

We also offer a motorcycle shock absorber rebuild service for your original equipment motorbike shock absorber.