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Fork Springs - Free UK Delivery

Fork Springs - Free UK Delivery

Fork springs are a crucial component within a motorcycle fork, modern forks springs are made from silicone chrome wire and are pre-set and stress relieved during manufacture to maintain the springs fine tollerence for spring rate and performance.

We supply aftermarket springs for forks from K-TechEibachYSS and Wirth, some of the largest aftermarket fork spring manufacturers in the world. Many motorcycles are simply over or under sprung from the factory by default and as such a spring change is essential, others are simply not suited to rider weight and by replacing the springs for a stronger or weaker spring can make sure the fork is operating in the optimum area of its stroke. 

If you are replacing your springs, you will need fork oilfork seals and may need fork bushes

If you’d rather have us change your fork springs for you, we do offer a fork refurbishment service.