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Fork Seals

Fork Seals

Fork seals are located in the fork tubes and seal against the fork stanchion. They are rubber seals designed to increase sealing efficiency and overall performance of the fork by reducing sliding friction. They also offer protection against ingress of dirt and water which will ultimately cause the seal to fail.

Fork oil seals are hidden from view of the exterior of the fork and stop oil from leaking from the inner and outer tubes.

Fork dust seals are the visible seal from the exterior of the form a first line of defense for dust, dirt and debris.

We supply seals for forks from NOK, the world's largest fork seal manufacturer. A product of Japan, they are the choosen manufacturer for 99% of the worlds leading motorcycle producers.

If you are changing your seals, you may wish to look at our range of fork oil and fork bushes. We also stock a wide range of uprated K-Tech and Eibach Fork Springs.

If you’d rather have us change your oil seals for you, we do offer a fork refurbishment service.

How do you measure your fork seals?

We list the majority of our oil seals by make/model/year of bike but we also list by size. Oil seals are measured using the following format: Internal Diameter x Outside Diameter x Height, in mm. For example, a motorcycle fork with a 43mm stanchion may use a 43 x 54 x 11 oil seal. The corresponding dust seal will be 43 x 54.