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SSK Fork Revalve Kits | K-Tech SSK Fork Piston Kits I KTM

K-Tech SSK Revalve Kits - SSK Fork Piston Kit I KTM

We stock a full range of K-Tech SSK fork revalve kits for your KTM and offer such good quality and performance that we use them in our very own workshop. What better endorsement do you need?

K-Tech SSK piston kits are designed to replace the OEM KTM fork pistons. The K-Tech units are designed from a much higher quality and lighter material, there are also an accumulation of small errors within the original equipment which are rectified in the SSK revalve kit.

The benefits of the SSK kit are a wider range of adjustment and higher quality damping curve which makes for a plusher but more controlled ride. The SSK piston kit is predominently designed for fast road use.

We have one of the largest selections of K-Tech Aprilia KTM fork revalve kits in the UK, all of which are available to order with fast delivery!