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Fork Internals

Fork Internals


Our motorcycle fork internal upgrades consist of K-Tech (IDS, RDS, DDS, ORDS & Tracker) cartridge kits, Andreani cartridge kits, YSS fork upgrade kits, K-Tech SSK & SSRK and Andreani piston/revalve kits, YSS fork emulators and K-Tech compression adjusters.

The vast majority of motorcycle forks are produced to a strict cost limit, compromising on overall quality. Upgrading the fork internals will give an improvement in ride quality as well as the overall handling of a motorcycle.

For a serious track day rider, fast road rider or racer, the fork internals and the shock absorber are usually the first components to changed and upgraded.  

All our K-Tech and Andreani cartridge kits include fork springs to match the rider weight but if you are looking at piston kits and/or compression adjusters, you may wish to change the fork springs too.